Blood Types VS Business

Blood Types VS Business

In Japan, blood types are considered an important indicator of a person’s personality. It’s known as the “Japanese Blood Type Personality Theory”.

In recent years, many companies or organization in Japan and Korea are selecting their potential talents by knowing their blood type.

Some people also look up a potential partner’s blood type to see their compatibility.

So, let’s dive deep into each blood types. What blood type personality says about you? And which blood types of business partner is well-compatible with you?

Blood Type A:

  • People with blood type A are highly-organized, cooperative and pay much attention to details. They hate fight and sometimes prefer to stay alone because of their sensitive nature. They do things carefully and steadily, and won’t take the next step if they are not satisfied. So, sometimes people in this category are very stubborn and are easily stressed.
  • Best to be compatible with a partner of AB blood type – they can turn to for good advice and help. Can remain stable relationship.

Blood Type B:

  • People with blood type B are known for their creativity. They have a strong sense of curiosity, but at the same time, loses interest easily. They are happy-go-lucky and masters of breaking rules. They can sometimes express their opinions regardless of what other people might feel. Because of this, they are sometimes perceived to be selfish and self-centered.
  • Best to be compatible with a partner of O blood type – type O person covers for type B person’s bad points. They are a great match!

Blood Type AB:

  • They are a hybrid of A and B, two different personalities mixed together: complicated and double-sided. It is hard for a stranger to instantly decide which personality people with type AB have until they get to know them. They are the rarest in the world. They chase ideal dreams and pursue learning and knowledge in a wide range of fields. They are fun and exciting to make friends but poor in handling stress.
  • ABs are said to be compatible with all blood type!

Blood Type O:

  • People with blood type O are optimistic and have leadership abilities. They are generous and kind-hearted. Most people love O as they are adapted well to change and flexible even in tough situations. People who are O are not overly cautious about small details, as they tend to focus more on the big picture.
  • Best to be compatible with a partner of A blood type – type O person always wants to take the lead for type A person. They are a good combination.

Lastly, knowing and shaping your character is the first step in self-discovery. Understand different blood types of people can let you communicate well with them and of course get the perfect match of your business partner!

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